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Doğum Adı: Carson Allen Tarihi: 18/03/1995 Yeri: Florida, ABD

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Carson Allen is an American actress who rose to fame in South Korean film. She is most known for her appearance in the Netflix Korea original series So Not Worth It released in 2021.Carson was born in Florida, USA, the second of five children to American parents Tonya and Jason Allen. The family moved to Okinawa, Japan when Carson was around four years old, and then to Seoul, South Korea at the age of thirteen . It is here that Carson got into acting doing school and community theater. Carson Allen then made her TV debut on the Korean television series "The K2" in 2017. Carson first got noticed for her acting in the very popular series When the Camellia Blooms as well as the television series Voice (season 3) in 2019. Carson is most known and recognized for her roles in which she speaks fluent Korean.

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Second to Last Love

Yıl: 2016 | IMDB: 5904666

Ülke: Güney Kore
Aka: The Second Last Love , My Second Last Love , Second Love , Choehoorobooteo Doobeonjjae Sarang , Choehurobuteo Dubeonjjae Sarang , Kkeuteseo Dubeonjjae Sarang
Tür: Drama, Romantik
Yönetmen: Young-hun Choi,
Oyuncular: Hee-ae Kim, Jin-hee Ji, Si-Yang Kwak, Seul-gi Kim, Su-young Jung, Soo-min Lee, Tae-ui Hong, Ko Bo-Gyeol, Gi-seok Do, Suk-Hyun Jang, Yoo-An Jung, Kwon Kim, Na Young Kim, Hye Eun Lee, Stephanie Lee,

  • IMDB
  • 7.2/10
  • MDL
  • 7.4/10