( 1937 - )

( 84 yaşında 1.76 m boyunda )

Doğum Adı: João Carlos Daniel Yeri: Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brezilya

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Daniel Filho - Responsible for triggering an aesthetic revolution in Brazilian TV during the 1970s, he became a Midas of popular cinema in Brazil during the 2000s. He created one blockbuster after another, many adapted from the theatre. The "Se Eu Fosse Você" (If I Were You) franchise (2006-09), featuring Tony Ramos and Gloria Pires - famous for their soap opera roles, sold more than 9 million tickets.An actor during the 1960s, when he worked on seminal projects of the Cinema Novo period, such as "Os Cafajestes" (The Unscrupulous Ones) (1962) by Ruy Guerra and "Boca de Ouro" (The Golden Mouth) (1963) by Nelson Pereira dos Santos, Daniel Filho cemented himself as a director in 1969 by filming "Pobre Príncipe Encantado", a romantic comedy featuring the successful singer Wanderley Cardoso. Since then, he has continued directing for both cinema and TV, and become known for his snappy dialogue and concise plots.He directed pieces on the post-­hippie youth, such as "O Casal" (1975) and a children's film, "O Cangaceiro Trapalhão" (1983). In the second half of the 1980s and the 1990s, he concentrated on producing, working on "Cidade de Deus" (City of Gold) (2000), amongst others. He returned to directing with "A Partilha" (The Inheritance), in 2001, based on the play by Miguel Falabella, and, since then, has released another eight features, almost always breaking the 1 million ticket mark at the box office.Born in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, 1937.

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