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Emre Konuk was born in Istanbul in 1989. After graduating from Kurtulus Anadolu Lisesi, he started shooting movies as a cinematographer while he was studying at Beykent University.In 2014, the screenplay for the feature film "Çirak" (film) was deemed worthy of support from the "Director to Make His First Film" fund of the General Directorate of Cinema of the Ministry of Culture.The film, which was shot in 2015, was deemed worthy of many awards in the national and international arena.Some of these awards are; 52. International Antalya Film Festival Best First Film Award, 23. Oldenburg Film Festival Best Film Award, 35. International Istanbul Film Festival Best First Film Award, 16. Frankfurt Turkish Films Festival Best Director Award, 27. International Ankara Film Festival Promising New Director Award, 27th International Ankara Film Festival Promising New Screenwriter Award, 14th Tirana Film Festival Best Editing Award, Turkish Writers Union 2015 Best Film Award of the Year.He started to produce TV series and documentaries with the production company Akli Film, which he founded in 2016. Among these projects are the documentary "Dunya Tarihinin Dönüm Noktalari" in 2019, "Kuslarla Yolculuk" in 2020, Awakening: The Great Seljuk/Uyanis: Büyük Selcklu which is the biggest production series in Turkish TV Series History, in which the Great Seljuk State took place in 2020.

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