Doğum Adı: Joaquim Guedes

Eşleri: Mary padian (2017 -)   ,

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Joaquim Guedes, began very early taking steps in the world of TV doing small roles in Portuguese series, after several closed doors, is flight to Canada to his friend Ivo Canelas to do a test for a series, the producers liked so much that it They gave a contract a year after a problem with the visa he agreed to go to Spain and began to write and produce a series that only in 2016 began to be works by Netflix and issued in 2017 having more of 34 million viewers in the first season making Joaquim Guedes grow on Netflix, in January 2018 sells the rights of the Serie For more than 10 million Euros and begins to invest in the U.S. A in 3 films, Arkie, Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin, The House Next Door, In 2017 Joaquim Guedes and ex wife are seen lunch in Madrid and from nearby sources say that they are together and happy even if everyone is living far away and see themselves few times, but this is not a problem for both because this is not the biggest problem of Joaquim Guedes , in 2017 of March Joaquim Guedes had a psychological break down and had a problems with the Portuguese justice having to go to jail for some years, unfortunately from personal life because he has unsealed all the information and private social networks and professionals if he has been more enclosed in his private and public life, even when he meets with ex wife and his family knows when and where.NET WORTH £80 million - 2019 HOME PORTUGAL KIDS ONE WIFE MARTA PARRENO - PRESENT

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