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John grew up on Long Island where he cultivated his love of technology especially in film, television and radio. He moved to Los Angeles and started his career as an editor, joining the Editors Guild while working for Johnny Carson on several Carson Productions programs. Soon after, he joined the Director's Guild of America as the associate director of the Practical Joke unit of "TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes" Because of his post production and technical expertise, he was asked to join The Reeves Entertainment Group as the Director of Television Production. As a production executive, he oversaw familiar shows such as "Kate and Allie", "I Married Dora", "That's Incredible" and "Doctor Doctor". He eventually went on to Co-Produce "Doctor Doctor", which launched his producing career. John has produced numerous television pilots and series in Los Angeles, New York and Canada. Among his notable shows are "Sports Night", for which he designed and oversaw construction of a working video newsroom. He is also credited with being the first person to produce a multi camera, High Definition videotape sit-com when he moved the 20th Century Fox Television series "Titus" from 35 millimeter film to Sony HDCam. He made his directorial debut on "Titus". Over the years, he's managed to receive an Emmy nomination for editing. He has two Golden Laurel awards from The Producers Guild of America and a Humanitas award as the producer of "Sports Night". He received his second Emmy nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series for "Arrested Development". For the 2018/2019 season, John continues to produce "Last Man Standing" for 20 Century Fox Television.

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