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( 75 yaşında )

Doğum Adı: John Herzfeld Yeri: Newark, New Jersey, ABD

Eşleri: (2010 -)   ,

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John Herzfeld won the Directors Guild of America Award and Emmy nomination for his HBO film, "Don King: Only in America," starring Ving Rhames. The film was nominated for two Golden Globes, won the Critics Choice Award, the Writers Guild of America Award and the coveted Peabody Award, the industry's most prestigious honor.After appearing as the subway mugger in "Death Wish" and appearing in "Serpico," John Herzfeld guest starred in many television shows including Kojak, Baretta, and playing Starsky's brother in Starsky & Hutch.Moving behind the camera Herzfeld wrote, produced and directed several distinguished and highly-rated television films, including; The Ryan White Story with George C. Scott and Sarah Jessica Parker, Daddy with Dermot Mulroney and Patricia Arquette, The Preppie Murder with Danny Aiello and Sandra Bullock, A Fathers Revenge with Brian Dennehy and Stoned for which he won a directing Emmy and was nominated for writing.John Herzfeld, wrote and directed the stylishly searing "15 Minutes," starring Robert De Niro, Ed Burns, Kelsey Grammer and Vera Farmiga. Herzfeld wrote and directed, "2 Days in the Valley," which introduced Charlize Theron to the world.John Herzfeld co-wrote and directed, "Escape Plan The Extractors," starring Sylvester Stallone and Dave Bautista.In 2021 John Herzfeld's documentary, "KEEP PUNCHING The Making of Rocky vs Drago," portrays a candid, in-depth look at Sly reflecting on his life as he re-cuts his iconic film, "ROCKY IV."

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