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Having spent her youth training intensively with music teachers from the Juilliard School and Southern Methodist University and devoting the majority of her adult years to working as a professional violinist, Kristin Keith is deeply familiar with the extraordinarily high levels of commitment, self-discipline, and sacrifice necessary for dedicating one's life to the pursuit of an art form. Ever since she began acting in 2014, she has devoted these same intense levels of commitment toward her acting career: "My intensive training as a classical musician has taught me to have a high level of self-discipline...the kind of discipline that's required for any individual who wants to become a true Artist. It also nurtured in me a strong sense of duty...a feeling of joyous obligation toward honoring this Higher Calling that many artists feel toward their Craft." Through her positive "go-get-it" attitude and her unwavering dedication to actualizing her full potential in this industry, Kristin is an unstoppable force with unyielding passion. Within her first year of acting, she was cast in fourteen short films, two feature films, and two commercials. And despite the fact that music was her original calling, it is through acting that she feels she has found her true purpose: "Every scene and every story is a celebration of Humanity in its most beautiful shades, as well as its darkest hues. As an actress, I am blessed to have the privilege of offering a unique voice in that celebration. As a musician, my only voice was my violin. But now I can use the voice I was born with...the voice that is fully Me. It is through acting, I feel I have truly come Home."

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