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Leanne Lapp was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Watching Shirley Temple movies as a young girl inspired her to start singing and dancing, and she spent much of her childhood performing on stage in musicals and theatre productions. She would go on to join her high school's improv team, where she competed against other schools in the Canadian Improv Games and performed all across the country. When she was fifteen, an old dance injury required her to have surgery on her foot. Forced to sit on the couch for three weeks, she spent the entire time watching films made by Sofia Coppola, Alfonso Cuarón, Gus Van Sant, and Baz Luhrmann. By the time she was up and walking around, she knew that acting on screen was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Since then, she has amassed a body of work that encompasses both film and television. She studied at Circle in the Square Theatre School in New York City and continues to train in improv with the Groundlings School. She splits her time between Vancouver and Los Angeles.

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