Doğum Adı: Linn da Quebrada

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Linn da Quebrada's audiovisual bond goes back to her early youth when she had her first contact with the art universe through theatre and body performance. Actress, performer, and dancer, Linn also explores words, writing scripts. This mix of artistic languages explains why she's getting more and more opportunities in film and television, through projects that provoke her interpretive sensitivity at different levels and formats. In Linn's filmography stands out Bixa Travesty (2018), a documentary co-scripted by her and the duo of directors Kiko Goifman and Claudia Priscilla. The film reverberated globally, receiving awards at several international film festivals such as Berlinale and Brasília Festival. On TV, she co-hosts with her longtime friend Jup do Bairro the talk show TransMissão (Canal Brasil / Globosat), which the third season will premiere in 2021, and was also in the cast of the fiction TV show Segunda Chamada (TV Globo). In 2021, she will star in Vale Night (a movie directed by Luís Pinheiro) and in Amazon's original series Manhãs de Setembro. With a sharp eye, in technical and subjective ways, Linn da Quebrada wants to make cinema a battleground of artistic imagination and experimentation, with creative tensions that reinforce constantly the power of social reflection generated by the audiovisual.

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