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Doğum Adı: Mogens Hagedorn Tarihi: 12/10/1966 Yeri: Kopenhag, Danimarka

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Mogens Hagedorn is an editor turned director. He has been the editor of several Danish feature films, including the box office hits "The One and Only" (1999), "Solkongen" (2005) and "Clash of Egos" (2006). As a director he is known for "Timetrip - the Curse of the Viking Witch" (2009), an action adventure which had its North American premiere at Toronto Int'l Film Festival 2009. His second feature "Park Road - Untill Death do Us Apart" (2012) is a spin off of "Park Road", a Danish TV series which Hagedorn directed numerous episodes of. He also directed episodes of another Danish TV series "Anna Pihl" (2006-2008).

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