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Doğum Adı: Nic Rasenti Tarihi: 07/11/1986 Yeri: Güney Afrika

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Nic is known for his very action orientated role as Battle Ready "Mike Gore" in the thriller series Origin (youtube premium), co star Natalia Tena. In addition, his TV experience includes working on world wide airing series such as: Starz costume drama Black Sails as "Mr Holmes"; "Hogan" Outlander and Syfys Dominion as "O'Connor". Nic Just finished shooting a featured role in the Monster Hunter franchise, playing alongside Milla Jovovich.In 2015 Nic shot the highly acclaimed book adapted Pilot for Clan Of The Cave Bear as "Zoug" for Lifetime in conjunction with Imagine, Lionsgate and Fox, produced by Ron Howard.After starring in several prime time TV series and feature films Nic, has set his eyes firmly on American shores, looking to further his acting career and as he puts it, "playing more questionable characters."Nic Rasenti is a South African born actor currently living in the coastal city of Cape Town. He trained at AFDA and coached by some of South Africa's top industry professionals.After Graduating in 2010 he landed his first feature role in Sony Pictures third installment of the Sniper franchise, Sniper Reloaded, as the young rookie "Vincent Capabianco" working with Director Claudio Fåh.

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Black Sails

Yıl: 2014 | IMDB: 2375692

Ülke: Güney Afrika, ABD
Tür: Macera, Drama

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