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Omar Maskati is an actor from Edison, New Jersey. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with an engineering degree. His parents are proud of him anyway.He got his professional start Off-Broadway in the Pulitzer-prize winning play, "Disgraced," and has proceeded to work on both stage and screen in a variety of roles. On television, Omar is best known for his recurring roles on the Emmy-nominated shows "Better Call Saul" and Netflix's "Unbelievable." He won the Best Actor award at SeriesFest 2019 for his leading role in the independent pilot, "Revenge Tour", which was written by his brother, writer/rapper Kahlil "K-Swish" Maskati. The pilot, which Omar also helped produce, screened at SXSW and the LA Film Festival--among others--winning awards at each. He can be seen next as the romantic lead in the upcoming film, "Evil Eye" -- part of Amazon and Blumhouse's new anthology series, "Welcome To The Blumhouse."

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