Doğum Adı: Özgür Bakar

Kısa Biyografi

He worked as a screenwriter on many TV shows and series after his graduation from the university. His directing exercises started with short films and lasted for 7 years. His short films were shown/awarded prizes in prestigious film festivals within the country. During this period, he established the Film Factory platform in which most of the important short and long film directors of 2000s were grown. He organized the Kisadan Hisse Short Film Festival for over 7 continuing years. His first full-length film shooting exercise was based on a theatre play criticizing the banking system namely "This is a robbery The film was featured in a television film as well. In April 2013, his first movie "Ammar: Cin Tarikati" was shot. The movie entered the vision in March 2014 and it has become one of the memorable examples of its kind. The Ammar film received several remake requests from Hollywood, however, project suspended due to producers unexpected quit from the industry. He continued shooting horror films both with the help of the revenues from the box-office performance as well as the influence he created. In the same year, "Azazil: Nod" film entered the vision in August and became more successful comparing to the first film. He also undertook co-production of Çilek movie within the same year, In 2015, two more films, "Helak: The Lost Village" and " Dajjal", entered the vision and the last film Dajjal has reached the number of 170,000 spectators. Özgür Bakar totally signed 9 future films. These films were by selected international horror film festivals.

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