Doğum Adı: Peter Mansbridge

Eşleri: (1998 -) 1 çocuk , (1988 -1992) boşanma ,

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Born in England in the after-math of WWII, Peter Mansbridge was educated in Canada, and later spent two years in the Royal Canadian Navy. He began his long and well-received career with the CBC in 1969, when he helped patch the CBC series through to northern Canada. He has reported the news in Canada since 1971, and has been affiliated with "The National" (CBC Television's top nightly news show) since 1975, and has been their head anchor and Chief Correspondant since May of 1988. He has won four "Best Anchor" Gemini Awards (1988, 1989, 1993, 1998), and in 1990, he won the Gordon Sinclair Award (Gemini Award given to the best overall broadcast journalist). After a failed marriage to "The National" co-host Wendy Mesley, Mansbridge is now romantically involved with Canadian actress Cynthia Dale.

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