Doğum Adı: Sarp Bozkurt

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Sarp Bozkurt born in Sisli, Istanbul, on October 4, 1989. He made his TV debut in Baba Evi (1997), played the character Ali in 1999 until the show ends in 2001. Baba Evi was a very famous TV series in Turkey and helps Sarp to be recognized by many authorities when he was 10 years old. He starred in the animated movie Dinosaur (2000) (voice) and continued his early career as a voice actor in local productions such as Üvey Baba (2000). After 2002 he gave a big break to his acting career for his education until college. He studied Industrial Engineering in Sabanci University. While he was studying he acted in many plays in college theatre. In his third year of college (2010) he was invited to the famous comedy show Komedi Dukkani (2007) to work behind scenes. Komedi Dukkani is a show that played on both stage and TV. It consists of improvised scenes and movements. Komedi Dukkani star Tolga Cevik who is Sarp's cousin called him on stage while the show was running. Until that moment he started to play in this show and going on tours to even Europe. Komedi Dukkani helps him to start to play in movies. His first movie was Sen Kimsin (2012).

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